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HR To People

Businesses are being transformed

The emergence of the digital economy is spawning new companies, driving growth and forcing business to rethink and reinvent the way they work. Challenged by a skills crisis, and the need to acquire, manage and engage talented people, the HR function has had to respond and focus harder on their most important assets – their people. Just as Personnel gave way to HR in the 1980s, so HR is now transforming to a People function, with Chief People Officers and the emergence of People Science. Gain insights from some of the top tech people leaders on building some of the world’s most disruptive teams, as you figure out how to better manage and engage your people in the new economy.

People Science

What is people science and why is it the future of HR?

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Interview with Ruth Chandler, Global People Director.

How Skyscanner attracts and keeps the high flyers

The appeal of Skyscanner shows up in the numbers – it was recently bought for £1.4bn, and has been voted the 5th best place to work in the UK. Its leadership team have made it a People Company, where employees love to work. Find out how they did it…

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Interview with Malcolm Kemp, VP HR.

I have a problem with the term HR

HR is a strategic function in business, but it hasn’t always been. Find out how and why the role has changed with this insider’s view from Malcolm Kemp, VP HR at Swedish unicorn, Klarna.

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Interview with Mark Levy, Director of Employee Experience.

How Airbnb makes work meaningful for its employees

You can tell Airbnb is a little bit different from traditional employers when you check out the careers page on its website. We talked to Mark Levy, Director of Employee Experience, to find out how the company’s approach works for the business and it’s staff.

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