What’s the financial upside of Sage People for your organization?

Hannah Wright
Last updated on 27th August 2019
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‘What’s the business case?’ It’s the question we’ve all heard before.

Often, you know the benefits of something you’re bringing into the business – but sometimes it’s harder to quantify. You need hard numbers on your return on investment (ROI).

Similarly, for enlightened People Companies and CHROs, it’s common sense to invest in solutions that deliver an employee experience that delights your workforce. Yet any financial investment needs a strong business case.

How do you set about quantifying the benefit of a HR system against the cost, to create convincing evidence for your board to sign off on?

We commissioned Forrester to calculate the ROI of using Sage People

A commissioned study conducted by Forrester Consulting on behalf of Sage People in October 2017 uses a robust Total Economic Impact™ methodology to set out the costs and ROI of deploying and using Sage People.

The Total Economic Impact™ Of Sage People revealed a range of benefits that conclusively outweigh the costs of using Sage People over three years. In the study, Forrester Consulting revealed:

  • A ROI of 62% over three years
  • Payback of investment in 12.5 months
  • The biggest saving made in HR and people analytics

The findings and metrics are based on in-depth interviews with a number of Sage People customers, which were applied to a composite organization to illustrate the benefits and investments.

The composite company in this example is a fast-growing multinational with 1,000 employees, with the following business goals:

  • Real-time visibility and insights across its global workforce
  • Growth and expansion across multiple geographies
  • Streamlining and automating previous disparate processes
  • Mobile, on-demand and 24×7 cloud access for employees
  • Engaging people with consistently great workforce experiences

There are significant financial benefits for every customer

The organization experienced total benefit savings of $2.0m in three years of using Sage People, versus costs of $1.2m.

The composite organization estimated that it would take four full time employees to generate the quantity and quality of customized reports that Sage People now produces for them. Now, those employees can focus on more important and valuable activities.

There were other valuable benefits too

Customers identified non-quantified benefits as well, such as leveraging direct recruitment methods using Sage People’s talent acquisition functionality to deliver better quality candidates than recruitment agencies, in a more efficient manner.

The customers also highlighted benefits from using the workforce experience management capabilities, including mobile access, timely communication, easy-to-use feedback mechanisms and an interface that users can personalize to suit their needs and preferences.

The system allows HR and People teams to be more strategic  

The study’s projected ROI is largely driven by labor savings in the HR function. In reality this means HR teams being liberated from time-consuming, repetitive and manual processing, reporting and admin.

Instead, they can apply their expertise to direct employee engagement and high-value and high-impact HR projects that directly support business growth.

The Total Economic Impact case study highlighted that the self-service ability meant that managers, leaders and users could access reports themselves, saving time in comparison to the previous highly manual reporting process. There were also fewer ad-hoc requests to HR and People teams.

The number and frequency of automatic reporting also increased since the deployment of Sage People, with some reports used to help determine future investments. The representative Sage People customers revealed that strategic insight from reliable and comprehensive analytics was a critical objective of their investment.

Finally, the research subjects also identified fast organizational growth as a key challenge; customers explained that Sage People enabled them to support a rapidly expanding, multi-national employee population without increasing the size of the HR or People team.

Making the business case for Sage People

If you’re thinking about a cloud HR and People system, then say goodbye to guesswork on the ROI Sage People will bring.

If you’d like to find out more about the findings, data and methodology, then you can download the TEI case study in full online on our website.

Alternatively, if you have questions about the system or would like to find out more, let us know by getting in touch, or requesting an overview demo of our system.

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