HR Technology Conference Las Vegas 2019: 3 essential tips for getting the most from your visit

Carol Foote
Published on 9th September 2019
3 min read

Over 100 sessions. 12 tracks. One conference. If you pick only one event to attend this year, then HR Technology Conference and Expo is it.

It’s a conference and expo like no other. Hailed as ‘the industry’s annual meeting’ with the biggest HR tech expo in the world, you can expect great things from this year’s show.

Find out everything you need to know ahead of the conference, with our three essential tips for getting the most out of your visit.

What is HR Technology Conference and Expo?

HR Technology Conference Vegas is an annual event hosted by Human Resource Executive, with the largest HR and People exposition globally.

The conference hosts an array of industry experts. You’ll also be there to see dozens of product announcements here, giving you the first look into the future of HR tech.

When and where is HR Technology Conference and Expo?

Every year HR Technology Conference and Exposition is held in Las Vegas. This year the conference is at The Venetian hotel on October 1-4.

Doors open on Tuesday, October 1 at 7:30am with the first sessions taking place around Women in HR Technology, starting at 8:15am. The opening keynote starts at 3:45pm.

Tip #1: Add the keynotes to your calendar

Keynotes are there to set the scene and get those top experts’ insights you won’t experience from any of the other sessions. Don’t miss them. Here’s what you can expect from the opening keynote.

Opening keynote | How to lead your team to greatness: Barbara Corcoran, Businesswoman and Television Personality (Tuesday, October 1 at 3:45pm-4:45pm in Palazzo Ballroom)

It’s no secret – HR and People teams are managing the most age diverse workforce than ever before.

It brings its own set of challenges for HR and People teams. A staggering 24% of HR and People leaders said they struggled to recruit the right people for the job with 29% reporting difficulties in finding talent with the required digital skills, when we asked in our research.

Yet, the challenges don’t stop when employees are onboarded. Knowing what workforce experiences they need to make people productive is a dilemma that HR and People teams face.

Barbara Corcoran, the star of television program “Shark Tank”, will share her top tips for creating great workforce experiences for all that drive innovation and enable your people to strive for greatness.

Tip #2: Visit the Women in HR Tech Summit

The research is clear: gender diversity isn’t just a case of doing the right thing, it also builds stronger workforces and increases profit.

In fact, gender equality would enrich the global economy by an estimated $160 trillion if women were earning as much as men, according to the World Bank.

Is diversity and inclusion high on your organization’s agenda? Then Women in HR Technology Summit on October 1 is a must-see. Here’s a session you should beeline for…

WH2A | The “Second Shift”: Women and well-being, various speakers (Tuesday, October 1, 9:10-10:00am in room: Delfino 4105)

Lorna Borenstein, CEO at Grokker; Annna Steffeney, CEO at LeaveLogic; and Laura Hamill, Chief People Officer at Limeade, will discuss the concept of the second shift. The idea that people don’t just stop working when they get home, even if they stop what they get paid to do.

Whether it’s household chores or self-care, research suggests the mental load we associate with the second shift actually increases likelihood of burnout.

The panel will share ways HR and People teams can help their people to avoid burnout by creating great workforce experiences.

Tip #3: Don’t miss the expo

Have you ever been to an exposition the size of seven football pitches?

There’s no better place to get hands-on with the latest technology than at the largest global HR Tech exposition, so definitely clear some time to visit.

With over 450 exhibitors, you’ll discover all the technologies that’s shaping how HR and People teams operate.

It’s not just the latest tech you’ll find there. Many vendors will be talking about their insights into how HR tech is changing the world of work. We might be a little biased but here’s one not to miss…

SP3 | The changing face of HR: 5 ways To Get Ahead: Paul Burrin, Vice President at Sage People (Wednesday, October 2, 14:00-14:50 in Pitchfest Theater 1540)

Have you noticed that HR is changing?

Just as it changed from HR to Personnel in the 80’s, it’s now transforming into a People function.

‘People Companies’, organizations that put their people first before anything else, are reaping the rewards. Not only do they have employees that are truly engaged, but it converts to higher levels of growth, too.

So how can you start to revolutionize how your organization does HR to get ahead? Paul Burrin, VP at Sage People will explain in his session how organizations are transforming and new processes People Companies are adopting for success.

After Paul’s session, check out Sage People at booth 2722. We’d love to see you there. Come and say hi to the team; we’ll be talking about how People Companies are getting ahead, giving away copies of our new research report, and demoing our global cloud HR and People system. We’ll see you there!

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