Why your workforce isn’t working?

3,500 global employees reveal the truth

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The great productivity debate

Every organization needs their people to be productive, yet we’re in the midst of a global productivity crisis. It’s costing the US around $500 billion a year.

There’s also a workforce engagement crisis. Most people are simply not engaged at work with it widely reported that only 1 in 3 people are fully motivated and engaged.

So, what can businesses do to make sure their people are productive? Provide positive workforce experiences for a start. At least that’s what 3,500 employees across the US, Canada and the UK believe.

What really makes your people productive?

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People’s experiences at work matter. They matter because they have a direct impact on productivity. That’s just one key finding from our research ‘Why your workforce isn’t working’ into what really matters to employees at work.

But to what extent is productivity a problem across organizations from the US, Canada and the UK – and do views differ between employers and employees? What’s always been clear, is exactly how critical it is for employers to listen, learn and act – to what their people want in order to drive greater business performance.

So, from what business owners think their people value most at work to how often employees are actually asked, we found out – and the results may surprise you.

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